Steve Shapiro, AI in Education

Angel Invest Boston

Mar 9 2022 • 1 hr 5 mins

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The miracle-working CEO of portfolio company Finetune Learning is back to tell us about the latest developments in applying artificial intelligence in educational assessments. We also got into remote work and explored how to support younger workers in creating professional networks while working remotely.

Sponsored by:

  • Purdue University entrepreneurship
  • Peter Fasse, patent attorney at Fish & Richardson


  • Sal Daher Expresses Gratitude for His Sponsors: Purdue University Entrepreneurship and Peter Fasse, Patent Attorney at Fish & Richardson
  • Sal Daher Introduces Steve Shapiro the Miracle-Working CEO of Finetune Learning
  • Finetune Learning Uses Technology to Support the Creation of Great Educational Assessments
  • Version 1.0 of Finetune Made It Easier to Grade Essays Consistently – A 2X Improvement
  • Finetune Version 2.0 Is More B2B – It Is Assisting in the Effective Creation Content for Educational Assessment
  • Making Assessment Writers 10X More Effective
  • “The other product that we have that scans the text, then classifies and tags it, does it in two orders of magnitudes more than a team of humans. Let's throw away the 2X to 10X and start saying 100x, 200x.”
  • “...we never said this is something that replaces a human. We believe that strongly. We always say this is something that's going to augment humans who are really good at this.”
  • Pre-Trained Systems Will Revolutionize Adaptive Learning
  • “In most cases, we're not a full solution. We are either a widget or an intel inside a larger solution with a large partner that's a multi-billion-dollar”
  • "I went into this because I actually hated school and you're throwing me back into a classroom....”
  • Old-Time Adaptive Learning
  • “That missing 10%, they have to be trained and they're not there because the teaching methods don't fit their learning style.”
  • “...there's a ton of Gen Z and Millennial founders out there that are starting to create companies in education technology...”
  • Unexpected Source of Talent for Cybersecurity
  • Finetune Driven to Remote Work Before the Pandemic Due to the Difficulty of Competing for Talent with Amazon and Google in Kendall Square
  • Lessons on Managing a Remote Workforce – Learned from GitLab
  • The Right Approach to Company Culture
  • How a Founder Learned to Get Along with Her Co-Founder
  • How Younger Workers Are Disadvantaged by Remote Work
  • How to Help Younger Workers Build Social Networks? A Question for Jacqueline Olds, M.D.
  • How Do We Reskill Angel Investors to Help Build Life Science Startups?
  • A Happy Outcome from Zoom School
  • Steve Shapiro’s Parting Thoughts

Topics: edtech, management, robotics / AI, software