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The Star Bright Project - Halloween Episode part 1
Nov 11 2020
The Star Bright Project - Halloween Episode part 1
Our first Halloween special is released...  Sure, it's a week and a half late, but it's here.  While it was due to come out on Halloween, due to life, it got delayed.  Besides my personal issues (That I've talked about on Head Speaks), my uncle passed away near the end of Oct, so between that and helping my boys try to get my uncle's house cleaned up, things have been delayed... BUT the Halloween party is here.  You heard us talking with Paul Linke on Halloween as we discussed his work in The Boog..M.n episode... err The Halloween episode.  Now listen to Michelle and myself as we're joined by Mr. Hayden McQueenie and Michelle's best friend, Neil Santos, as we discuss the episode proper. Check out my main website at where all of my episodes are located.  And let us know what you think by either e-mailing me at StarBright@HeadcastNetwork.com, leaving a message on the website, leave a comment here, or join our Facebook group at while you're at it, please rate us on Apple Podcasts.  I hear they have a group of warlocks that use your reviews, they do some mumbo jumbo, and that effects how the show appears to listeners... it's either that or a series of logistics that I don't quite understand.   Not sure which, but I'm told it helps the show get noticed. Also if you're enjoying the show, check out our Patreon at and throw a few bucks in the tin. And when I released the Paul Linke interview, I forgot to include the link to his song on Youtube.  Check it out here. Until next time....