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Hello and welcome to the Nethone Darknet Summary! Andrew Elliott and Michał Barbaś introduce you to the hottest news and observations on the Dark Web.

Dark Web Takedowns: The Seizures of Hydra Marketplace and RaidForums
May 11 2022
Dark Web Takedowns: The Seizures of Hydra Marketplace and RaidForums
Welcome to Nethone's Darknet Summary! In the latest episode, we take a look at some major dark web events that occurred amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine - in April, we saw two major dark web takedowns - the seizure of the fraudster havens Hydra Marketplace and RaidForums. We will explain how Russian users of the dark web find themselves in a situation where they must grapple with financial sanctions, but also face new opportunities, as real world events continue to affect the dark web. From COVID-19 aiding the rise of eCommerce, allowing fraudsters to action account takeovers and identity theft using social engineering attacks, to dark web reactions to the use of ransomware on the Colonial Pipeline attack - real world events are always felt in the dark web...Listen to our podcast to find out more as Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś explains more about the latest dark web takedowns, their effects and how fraudsters have is a fintech company that fights online transaction fraud using its proprietary software solution. In order to keep clients safe, we keep track of what’s happening in the darknet, the sometimes-murky underbelly of the web, where fraudsters exchange the tools and knowledge to plan their criminal activities. That’s why we’ve created this podcast, to share with you what our experts have found during their investigations! This and all our findings can be found on our blog.