The war in Ukraine and its effects on credit card fraud | Darknet Summary

Nethone Darknet Summary

Jun 10 2022 • 5 mins

Welcome to Nethone's Darknet Summary! In the latest episode, we’ll look into the war in Ukraine and how financial sanctions against Russia are leading to a global rise in credit card fraud.

Want to learn more? Listen to our podcast as Intelligence Specialist Michał Barbaś explains more about the increase in credit card fraud originating from Russia! is a fintech company that fights online transaction fraud using its proprietary software solution. In order to keep clients safe, we keep track of what’s happening in the darknet, the sometimes-murky underbelly of the web, where fraudsters exchange the tools and knowledge to plan their criminal activities. That’s why we’ve created this podcast, to share with you what our experts have found during their investigations! This and all our findings can be found on our blog.