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The maker movement generated the recent increase in innovation spaces such as a makerspace. Student makers at UNT explore various topics surrounding making, the Maker Mindset, and the Maker movement. We have a few series that focus on a range of topics from how various spaces developed their unique makerspace/fablab/techgym/design studio/etc. to meeting our makers to a series on specific technologies that are either in our makerspace or new in the maker community. Join us for a journey into the maker minds and spaces that inspire us. read less


Maker Life Stories: EPIC
Sep 26 2023
Maker Life Stories: EPIC
Makerspaces are unique to their community, grow based on the demands of their audiences, and are always evolving to support the cross section of innovation, education and development. In this series we engage Makers from all areas of the maker movement to share how successful makerspaces' have forged their story. Description: EPIC is an impressive 15,000-square-foot, multi-million dollar engineering, and manufacturing facility located in the heart of BU’s Charles River Campus. Some of their main goals are to prepare student to work and design for the industries of the future, to enable students to apply theory to real-word problems, provide a welcoming environment to foster innovation in interdisciplinary teams, among others. Tasker is the laboratory manager for EPIC. Tasker earned his BA from Bates College in studio and performing arts, followed by an Associate of Applied Science degree from Dunwoody College of Technology with a concentration in Machine Tool Technology. A love of design, fabrication and technology led to positions in a variety of industries – including special effects for television, toy design, 3D printing and product design. After serving as the Mechanical Prototyping Lead at Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy (www.continuuminnovation.com), he turned to the field of education – where he served as a Technical Instructor at MIT for several years, mentoring students in the practical application of new technology and the process of iterative prototype development. He lives in Natick Massachusetts with his wife, two boys, two cats, and a dusty barn full of pinball machines. Host: Jerry Johnson Producer: Jerry Johnson Editor: Jerry Johnson Executive Producers: Alondra Lopez, Jake Jacobson, Judy Hunter Music: Lofi Chill by FASSounds on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/music/beats-lofi-chill-140858/