Noah, What's Your Spark?

UNT MindSpark

Oct 13 2023 • 12 mins

In this episode of What’s your Spark, I had the absolute please of meeting with Noah, one of the fine members of our team.  Noah is a computer science major and has had several opportunities working with highly prestigious companies through a series of internships. Today we’ll be able to delve in and see what Noah is all about.

Host: Jerry Johnson

Editor: Zane Crider

Producer: Jerry Johnson

Executive Producers: Judy Hunter, Jake Jacobson, Alondra Lopez, and Steven Sparkman

Music: Sunset Vibes (Lo-fi/chillhop) By 23843807 on Pixabay Sunset Vibes (Lo-Fi/Chillhop) | Royalty-free Music - Pixabay

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