The Book Whisperers

Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor

We all have a book inside of us (a lot of us have more than one) but sometimes those stories can be buried deep. Three authors - Mary Turner Thomson, Sue Cohen and Lea Taylor - created The Book Whisperers to entice those trapped stories into the world. By recognising potential authors motives, needs and desires, The Book Whisperers aim to provide writers with confidence, knowledge, contacts and support to start and keep writing as well as to publish and market their books. And if we can have fun along the way all the better! All three presenters are successful authors and publishers with a wealth of experience within the book industry - from traditional publishing to self-publishing. read less


Who Are WE?
Aug 27 2020
Who Are WE?
# How exciting - our first podcast! We are three authors ... **Mary Turner Thomson** (author of ***The Bigamist*** and soon to be published ***The Psychopath***), **Susan Cohen** (author of numerous books including ***The Wee Book O' Grannies Saying's***) and **Lea Taylor** (author of ***Animals, Beasties, and Monsters of Scotland*** and ***Midlothian Folk Tales***) ... and together we formed 'The Book Whisperers' in March 2020. It all started over a coffee and a rather excellent roll with sausage at Dobbies Garden Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland. We could all see the writing on the wall (excuse the pun) and the looming lockdown caused by the global pandemic and the question arose, 'What could WE do to help'. We are not nurses or doctors, or even shop workers or delivery people, not frontline workers of any kind. Then we had an idea. People were going to be locked in their houses potentially for months on end and the one thing we COULD do is give them something to do. We could do a free six week online writing course! The idea grew and grew, we put feelers out and our Facebook community grew rapidly as people jumped onto the idea. For 18 weeks we went live on Facebook every Monday night talking about fiction, storytelling, creative challenges and memoir writing. Finally we decided that we still had SO much more to say and so this podcast was born. In this first episode we interview one of our Whisperers - **Liza Miles** - who has used the time in lockdown to complete and publish her first book ***'Love Bites'*** - a fabulous series of short stories about love ending. We hope you enjoy listening to our bookish antics as much as we enjoyed making it.