Crypto Narratives with Frank Chaparro

UpOnly: Chats with Crypto Experts

Mar 31 2022 • 1 hr 26 mins


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Show Notes

Why Shave Mustache?

– “It’ll come back”

– Cousins getting married, doesn’t wanna steal the show

The Block

– Scoops has been there since 2018

– Soon to be 4 year anniversary

– 100+ people

– Have data, research content, consulting/ advisory

– Subscription products for all these legacy folks

Venture Capital

– Last year there was 32B that poured into crypto VC


– Bored Apes/ Larva Labs

– Some people outside of crypto may not think apes are impressive from an art standpoint

– “this price is ridiculous!”

– But there are so many things that are like that, handbags for example

Environmental Impact of NFTs?

– There is a lag between what we know in crypto vs what the outside world knows

– Even when there are changes to make it better, it takes a long time for the public to accept a net narrative

– It’s just a viral narrative

Larva Labs Deal

– Scoops was surprised

– He never expected M&A among NFT entities

– Might even be a bit of a risk arbitrage

– Mike Dudas talked about how LinksDAO was in the cross hairs of regulators

Crypto Politics

– “If it quacks like a duck and it walks like a duck, then its a security!” -Franky Scoops

– People will likely get voted out of office if they take an anti crypto stance

– Ryan Selkis potentially running

– There are a few other crypto natives thinking about running

– Free market resonates with the right

– Protect the power of the dollar pushes away the right

– “Banking the unbanked” resonates with the left

– Environmental concerns pushes away the left

– Ted Cruz will do anything for a vote

– Ledger: “I think we need to get Dan Matuszewski to run up there in Boston”

– “He’d hate it so much that he’d be a good politician”

– Frank: “He’d be a great politician”

– Ledger: “Can you imagine Dan up there getting grilled by congress”

– “He’s start grilling them back give them the Boston treatment”

Exciting Trends

– Excited about NFTs moving separately from the other markets

– Interest rates in crypto

Insane Wealth

– SBF and CZ just have unheard of money

– More scared of normal multimillionaires than crypto billionaires

– The crypto billionaires have just been super humble – SBFs story is classic

– Scoops: “Comparison is often the thief of joy”

– Why can people not hang on to their Bored Apes?!

– Just targeted much more often

Terra and Do Kwon

– Do Kwon is very relaxed

– They want to make UST the largest stablecoin across various different chains

– Sometimes he wakes up, puts on pants, and just buys $1B worth of Bitcoin


– When prices are going down, just remember to count all of the blessings that you have in your life. Things could be a lot worse 🙂

Notes by Kevin and Luke

Music by GiovanniPickle