Celebrating 20 years of Genos International with CEO Dr Ben Palmer.

EI at Work

Oct 12 2022 • 36 mins

Game-changing for business. Life-changing for people. Genos International is proud to celebrate 20 years of realising this very philosophy, through the assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

An organisation that started as the brainchild of a passionate research team and Swinburne University, has since become the world-leader in emotional intelligence and assessment development. So where did it all start? How was emotional intelligence evolved over the last twenty years and where is it headed in the future? Learn all this and more, in this very special anniversary episode of EI at Work.

Dr Ben Palmer, CEO of Genos International, and co-host of EI at Work takes to centre stage to reflect on the past 20 years of Genos International. Together with co-host Marie El Daghl, Managing Director at marketing agency Chasing Albert , he discusses:

  • The inception and growth of Genos
  • Selling the concept of emotional intelligence then versus now
  • How emotional intelligence has evolved over the past two decades
  • EI and workplace trends of the future
  • Genos International’s famous friends­­­ and clients
  • The learnings and mistakes along the way
  • The people that have made Genos what it is today

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