642 | Can You Get Bigger Than Your Self-Doubt?

Own Your Choices Own Your Life

Dec 15 2023 • 13 mins

In this episode, let’s talk about getting bigger than your self-doubt. When self-doubt grows it builds a wall, a fortress and it doesn’t keep you safe, it blocks you from growing, from doing what you are here to do in this life. The more self-doubt grows the more fear piles on and stacks to make that wall bigger.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

1)  What self-doubt is, how it is there to protect you, and how you can learn to chip away at that wall, while simultaneously building your self-belief within yourself.

2)   You can get bigger than your self-doubt by building self-confidence, and self-trust by becoming so reliable that you do what you say you will do, and that consistency is what helps you to grow your self-worth. You can learn to stack the deck in your favour.

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Marsha Vanwynsberghe — NLP Storytelling Trainer, Author, Speaker, and Podcaster

Marsha is the 6-time Bestselling Author of “When She Stopped Asking Why”.  She shares her lessons as a parent who dealt with teen substance abuse that tore her family unit apart. Marsha has been published 7xs, most recently with her co-platform, Every Body Holds A Story, and she is on a mission to continue to help women and men to speak, share, and publish their stories.

Through her tools, OUTSPOKEN NLP certification, programs, coaching, and podcast, Marsha teaches the power of Radical Responsibility and Owning Your Choices in your own life.  She empowers people to heal and own their stories, be conscious leaders, and build platform businesses that create massive impact.