EP 171: Insider Secrets from the Ultimate Industry for Entrepreneurs with Simon Inchley

The Dan Bradbury Podcast

Jul 6 2022 • 53 mins

On this week's episode, you get a behind the scenes look into the Ultimate Industry for Entrepreneurs.

You get to hear from Simon Inchley, a guest speaker from my June Success Mastermind meeting.

Simon has managed three-quarters of a billion pounds, which he raised to buy companies to scale them.

He scaled many to multiple 8-fiqures and some to 9-fiqures in annual revenues before exiting them and he wasn't operationally involved in a single one.

He's going to explain how he did it in this episode.

What is the ultimate industry for entrepreneurs?

Most business owners want to grow their business but they also want it to be less dependent on them.

If this resonates with you then the ultimate industry that you can learn from is private equity.

These are people with large amounts of money, who buy businesses and grow them without being involved in day-to-day operations.