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#59 China micro-series’s boom
Oct 28 2021
#59 China micro-series’s boom
Short-video app Quibi failed in just six months after launching in the US, so it’s too bad the company didn’t come to China, where hundreds of millions of people watch short drama series that bring you new twists every few seconds… all in vertical form. Why do Chinese audience love such high-speed storytelling and who are the people behind this new content format?  After all, as The World of Chinese found out in this article ; most people hold their phones vertically 94 percent of the time, and Chinese mobile content creators are beginning to take note. Featuring - Ivy YU : Associate Producer of "Love me Fearlessly" /《别怕,恋爱吧!》 - YU York : Commissioner for Kuaishou’s micro-series. Middle Earth is distributed by The World of Chinese (www.theworldofchinese.com). Every two months, both in print and online, the team at TWOC takes a contemporary issue in Chinese society and culture and looks behind the headlines to share how it affects people on the ground.  Middle Earth is made by China Compass Productions and hosted by Aladin Farré. If you have a China-themed cultural project like shooting your next documentary or look for a specific talent, please get in touch! Show Notes - The highest score for a micro-series on Douban is 另一半的我和你 - The most shared micro-series is 大唐小吃货 With thanks to Sean Calvo for music support. The World of Chinese Magazine A magazine about Chinese society, culture, history, arts, language, and more.