#60 The Golden Age of China's Museums?

Middle Earth - China’s cultural industry podcast

Nov 22 2021 • 40 mins

China had just 25 museums in 1949, and around 350 at the start of the reform era in 1979. Since 2000, though, over 4,000 new museums have been built in the country on a wide range of subjects, such as the history of every province and county, or the silly-sounding “Watermelon Museum” in Beijing. In 2019, China saw 1.2 billion museum visits. What’s driving this museum-building boom, and how do you design a good museum?

- Oranda HOU : Rockart Bund Museum partnership manager
- YU Wanying : podcaster about museums (also guest on Middle Earth #16)
- ZHUANG Yongwen : architect and urban designer

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