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The Gospel is spreading miraculously in Israel more than any time in the last 2,000 years!

See how God is fulfilling His promises, hear some powerful testimonies that will inspire your faith, and get an insider’s look into the challenges and beautiful victories in the harvest fields.

God has an incredible plan of bringing “life from the dead” to the world through the salvation of Israel (Romans 11). Discover your role in the greatest revival in history!

By God’s grace, millions of Israelis have watched our evangelistic and pro-life videos, thousands have heard the Gospel on the streets, and Israelis from every background have come to faith and chosen life. But we’re still facing some massive obstacles to the spread of the Good News. Yet we know that your prayers and ours, as One New Man in Messiah, can tear down any wall of opposition and help establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

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