“Mommy, Say Goodbye Again” - with JJ Conway

Legendary Dads

Nov 2 2022 • 50 mins

We can build relationship with our kids even after making mistakes! If I’m willing to set aside “my form of love” to meet their needs by doing things like;

  • saying “goodbye 3 times, each time
  • discovering how they need us to be present at football practices;
  • letting the future goals guide today’s decisions;

JJ shares how relationship between spouses and the stresses we face impacts our kids. She also reveals tips for improving conversation, and how money stress limits our ability to share our true selves.

About JJ Conway;

Lieutenant Colonel (ret) JJ Conway was the first Black to serve as a physicist in the Air Force, despite being told by the Air Force “Blacks can’t do physics.” She served for 23 years and founded and chaired the Nuclear Threats Community of Interest, one of our Nations’ top technical bodies comprised of 17 different agencies. Although science will always be her first love, JJ became a financial planner after returning from a 6-month military trip to discover her house sold, divorce papers, and over $845,000 debt to her name. Adapting to life as a military single mom, JJ learned how money worked and how to make it work for her quickly yet ethically. She now teaches others the same personal growth and financial management skills that allowed her to dump that debt and begin building wealth. She also mirrors these principles when working with businesses to improve processes, people, and profit.

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You can find JJ as @JJKnowsTheWay on social media

go to buildingwealthtogether.com


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About Kevin:

Married for over 22 years, and Dad to 4 young kids, Kevin is focused on helping Dads not only be the best they can be, but also leave the best for their family. He believes that everything rises and falls on leadership - and it starts on the inside.

Behind this passion for working with Dads, is a heart that cries for the children and wives who are missing out, struggling, or worse, because the men in their lives are not sure that they have what it takes.

He knows from hard-won experience that all Dads have what it takes to provide fully and deeply what their family needs from them. “When things are looking rough,” he says, “we have to hold on to the truth that all of us are capable of far more than we realize. We can see this truth when we stand firm, and don't let the storms of life chase us away from those are counting on us.”

Kevin encourages those who engage with him to take courage, and embrace the challenge of digging deep within to see their true heart; because everything we do in life - or don’t do - stems from who we are.

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