If It Makes No Sense, It's Perfect with Drew Davis


Mar 25 2021 • 42 mins

“My compass at that point was so oriented toward what I thought I was supposed to be doing and so disconnected from what I wanted to be doing. Now, the pieces I feel disconnected from are getting smaller and the pieces I feel engaged by and lit up by are growing and growing and growing!”

Drew Davis is a Harvard undergrad, Booth MBA, wicked smart restaurateur, chef, storyteller, triathlete, spoken-word artist, and dad. We talk about his big huh moment, how to stop following society's shoulds and start following ourselves, and his motto “if it makes no sense, it’s perfect."

Find Drew's spoken word, rap, and writing on Instagram @dewsybluesy.

And, we talk about Byron Katie "The Work," which you can read more about here: https://thework.com/