Krissie McMenamin

Did you know that the word huh is the most common word in the most amount of languages? Welcome to askHUH?, a personal growth podcast about people who questioned, got curious, and made changes--big and small--in their lives. I’m Krissie McMenamin, lifelong student of emotional intelligence, and my hope is these conversations inspire you to look inside at yourself, your emotions, and your choices, so you can be more authentically you in this world that so desperately needs you to be.
Alone in Her Head: How 2 Years in Japan Changed her Self-talk, Mindset, and Life toolbox with Christina Bellevue
"Sometimes my thoughts would get so loud, I would hear them echo in my apartment… It’s how I discovered how mean I had been to myself for a long time and how I was using that self talk to keep me going in the corporate setting… but then I realized this will not serve you any more.”Christina left everything behind - her family, her uber successful corporate job, the man she thought she might marry - to spend two years in Japan. There, the voices that had kept her focused in the high-paced corporate world were drowning her. She gives specific examples of self talk that was damaging to her, how she started talking to herself instead, and how she continues to choose words that heal over words that kill.We discuss her big learnings from her two years of travel, including this big one of “What got you here won’t get you there.”We talk about how to expand the life toolbox you have available to you and how the same three tools you’ve been using won’t work in new situations going forward. We go deep into the re-entry process after a big life experience and how hard it can be to come back when you’ve fundamentally changed, your thinking has shifted, and the people you’re coming back to may not have changed as much. How vulnerable it can feel to share about those changes. How we’ve made ourselves small or taken ourselves out of the center of attention for fear of being too much when talking about our experiences. And we vision into what is the fullest expression of Christina and me?Find Christina at christina.bellevue@gmail.com or ninon_belle on Instagram.
Jul 2 2021
53 mins
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