The Imagining

Matt Cooper

The Imagining; a time to explore the imagination, creativity and mental health. All of the conversations I am having form part of the research for my new book. I hope that you discover something new about yourself while listening to this episode

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A Brilliant and Chaotic Imagination: A Conversation With Phil Wilson
Feb 5 2024
A Brilliant and Chaotic Imagination: A Conversation With Phil Wilson
Have you ever peered into a reflection and found the depths of your imagination staring back? That's where my guest, Phil, and I kick off our dialogue, wading through the chaos and creativity that churns in the mind like a Salvador Dali masterpiece caught in a rain puddle. We traverse the landscape of mental health, unearthing how the stillness of lockdown has amplified the need to declutter the mind, like one carefully salvages a precious watch from murky waters. Phil's candid revelations on the impact of such introspection on his life and career pull back the curtain on the often hidden battles within the vibrant world of creatives.Transforming the lull of pandemic-induced pauses into a springboard for growth, I recount the unexpected joy discovered in learning and picking up new hobbies. There's an enchantment in the journey, not just the destination, whether it's in the skies aiming for a pilot license, or mastering magic tricks that once seemed like child's play. This exploration is a reminder of the resilience that blooms when life throws a curveball, and how embracing the climb can unearth a renewed passion for not just learning, but living.Rounding off our conversation, the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with the territory of being a musician is laid bare. From the adrenaline of receiving a nod from a music legend to the grounding experiences in retail that provided an unlikely sanctuary during the tougher times. This episode doesn't just share tales of thrilling performances and the fortitude required to sustain them; it's a heartfelt harmony of anecdotes that resonate with anyone who's ever sought their melody amidst life's cacophony, and the community and routines that help keep the beat going. Join Phil and me on this melodic expedition through the highs and lows of a creative life.Support the Show.