The Jack Klassen Radio Network®

Jack Klassen

Jack Klassen in 2012 was V.P of a radio station then Managed to trick people into giving him a comedy late-night show..And the show was successfully syndicated* at its peak to 12 Stations Now its a Tragic Soap Opera. (*mostly heard at truck stops, Crackdens & indian reserves) Email the show WEIS RADIO 100.5 And ARIZONA THE PATRIOT and 1440 AM TAMPABAY THE JACK KLASSEN RADIO NETWORK® features original specialty programming Including The Cool Show® with Jakob Autism® "Jakob Is Irreverent, unapologetic, flippant , remorseless, unmerciful, impenitent, unashamed, obdurate, defiant, defying, callous, pitiless, relentless. he is also apologetic and remorseful"    THE REDPILLEDRAPPER SHOW® "Hosted by Mitch Murphy A look into the mind of someone who took the ultimate redpill" THOTCRIMEZ with KAREN 1776® "Lock your medicine cabinet! Here comes Karen1776 bustin' out the chunes and backin' it up on the Jack Klassen Network." please donate to help keep this going FOR THE ARCHIVE SUPPORT US ON GUM ROAD

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