Battle Ground History

Mark Schauss

Leaders, Military, Rebels, Rouges and Scholars, Villains, Battles or Events, which one will prove to be the greatest person or event in world history? Find out here at Battle Ground History.

Simon Bolivar vs Charles Darwin and Nelson Mandela vs Thomas EdisonAkbar versus Askia Mohammed I and Alfred the Great versus Elizabeth IScipio Africanus vs Oda Nobunaga and Saladin vs Arthur WellesleyThe Battle of Waterloo vs Yorktown and the Battle of Marathon vs Chosin ReservoirBenito Mussolini vs Lavrenty Beria and Osama bin Laden vs Attila the HunThe Travels of Marco Polo vs Start of the Computer Age & Leopold II vs Shaka ZuluMargaret Sanger versus Mother Teresa and the Battles of Pharsalus versus AgincourtCharlemagne versus Ramesses II and Hannibal Barca versus Joan of ArcWorld War II versus the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Adolph Hitler versus Felix DzerzhinskyBenjamin Franklin versus William Wallace and the Battle of Actium against the Battle of AlesiaBattle Ground History UpdateGeorge Patton versus BelisariusQueen Victoria versus Constantine the GreatGenghis Khan versus Saddam HusseinThe Invention of the Internet versus the Civilization of SumerThe Battles of Cynoscephalae versus GettysburgZhu Yuanzhang versus Nicholas CopernicusTamerlane versus Fredrick the GreatPhilip II of Spain versus George WashingtonVlad Dracul versus Heinrich Himmler