Drunkard's Walk

Matt Hartman and Jethro Nolen

The WikiRacing poadcast! A trip from one random topic to another (inspired by suggestions from listeners via social media) through the links of Wikipedia.org with hosts Jethro Nolen and Matt Hartman. Music by Jesse Landis-EigstiArtwork by Nick Jaramillo.Check out all of our links here - https://linktr.ee/drunkardswalk read less

Our Editor's Take

The Drunkard's Walk podcast is part educational, part comedy. Hosts Matt Hartman and Jethro Nolen begin each episode with the mission to learn more about a topic. For instance, they may want to know more about President Joe Biden's political career. Or the hosts might wish to understand the mythical changeling better. But the topic is only the starting point of each journey.

Determined to reach an unrelated subject, the hosts use the topic's Wikipedia page for inspiration. It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with Wikipedia topics instead of people they know. The hosts follow link after link, seeing how far into the world of online knowledge they can go. Trying to figure out the end goal is part of the podcast's fun. The journey is often chaotic and amusing to the show's listeners.

The Drunkard's Walk cohosts are comedians with training in improv. Hartman has been performing onstage since he was a child. In 2002, he joined the DC improvisation organization ComedySportz. He continued to perform with groups in Chicago, New York, Miami, and other cities. He's been in improv for more than two decades.

Hartman's podcast cohost also has a long history in comedy. Nolen also has performed in improv groups and shows for more than two decades. For example, he's performed at iO and Annoyance and studied with The Groundlings. Nolen is also the cofounder of the Arcade Comedy Theater. The comedian and his wife, Kristy, created the Nolen & Nolen improv duo. In 2017, their show, Dinner with the Nolens, was on Pittsburgh Magazine's "Best of the Burgh" list.

Hartman and Nolen's experience in improv is what makes Drunkard's Walk likely to delight listeners. They have great chemistry and respond to each other's jokes with little effort. The conversation goes from the Fermi paradox to "Weird Al" Yankovic. They take the listeners through the strangest parts of the internet with wit and humor.

New episodes of the Drunkard's Walk podcast come out on Tuesdays.

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