The ETCs with Kevin Durant

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Welcome to The ETCs Podcast, where Kevin Durant, Eddie Gonzalez, and special guests will have candid conversations about the best of sports, music, entertainment and culture. From what's currently going on in the NBA to the history of some of your favorite albums to actors and producers who have changed the way that film and TV are made, The ETCs brings you never-before-heard stories and perspectives about all of your favorite topics. read less

Our Editor's Take

The ETCs with Kevin Durant podcast is both exciting and eclectic. The hosts are ready to discuss any topic they're passionate about. This involves moments in urban culture that helped influence their generation. Basketball legend Kevin Durant, nicknamed KD, cohosts with sports personality Eddie Gonzalez. Their goal is to inspire meaningful and authentic conversations.

Every episode features topics the hosts care about. Kevin and Eddie highlight people and moments of cultural impact on American society. But in this podcast, there are no rivalries or Top 10 countdowns. It's all appreciation. With an All-Star athlete behind the mic, listeners also get their fair share of sports anecdotes.

The pair also invites other sports greats, like KD's Brooklyn Nets teammate Kyrie Irving. The basketball players discuss their careers, upbringings, and life in New York. In another episode, Kyrie Irving speaks about overcoming injuries. And he discusses the controversy over fighting New York's vaccine mandate. They also discuss the late Kobe Bryant, who was close with Kevin. Throughout the podcast episodes, the Nets star shares candid memories of their friendship throughout the podcast episodes.

In The ETCs with Kevin Durant podcast, Kevin shares his basketball experience. He also reflects on moments that influenced him growing up. He also talks about what it is like to be a veteran NBA star, when some of his teammates are over a decade younger. His cohost, Eddie, is a media professional with over ten years in the field.

Kevin played his way to being one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He discovered his talent at a young age. After one year in college as a Texas Longhorn, he decided to go pro. He was such a star for Texas that the university retired his number in 2009. Since then, the Maryland native has won two NBA championships. He earned three Olympic gold medals for Team USA. He's also collected a Most Valuable Player award and many other accolades.

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