Brad Haugen

Father Material

Nov 22 2022 • 27 mins

Brad Haugen is a media connoisseur whose past stops included SB Projects and the online media company ATTN (founder). He's currently the president of Westbrook Media, Will and Jada Smith's Media company. But most importantly, Brad is a very proud father of two and feels there's nothing in his life that is more important than helping them become the best versions of themselves for the world.

Episode Breakdown:
2:00 - Having Kids So Close In Age
5:58 - Working for Scooter Braun When First Becoming a Dad
11:00 - How Being A Dad Impacts His Approach To Content
14:30 - Balancing Work And Fatherhood
16:40 - Working at Westbrook Media
18:48 - Pitching Creative Ideas To Your Kids
19:40 - Rapid Father Questions
24:30 - What Gives Him The Most Pride In Being A Father

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