Corey Rodrigues

Father Material

Aug 10 2022 • 45 mins

Corey Rodrigues is a comedian and actor whose work has been seen on Conan, TrueTV, EPIX and Prime Video. But most importantly, Corey is a family man. He's a loving father of two boys and even created a Zoom series Corey's Stories where he and one of his son's would tell stories and jokes while interacting with other kids on Zoom. Corey discusses everything from how he actively made the decision to pursue both comedy and having kids to some of his least favorite parts of parenting which include occasional awkward situations and frustration in the bathroom.

Episode Breakdown:
2:25 - Where I Was In My Career When I Became A Dad
5:40 - Balancing Both a Comedy Career and Having Kids
9:05 - The Impact Fatherhood Has Had On My Material
13:25 - Frustration of Dealing With Sick Kids
16:00 - What "Stinks" About Being A Parent The Most...
21:08 - The Dad Voice and The Look
24:30 - How We Treat Our Kids Differently Today
27:30 - Corey's Stories
31:28 - Dealing With Other Parents On The Playground
34:00 - How We Make Up Excuses When Our Kids Aren't Friendly
37:58 - Salesman
40:00 Rapid Father Questions

You can follow Corey on Instagram @coreyrods and head to his website for info on all upcoming shows. Watch Salesman streaming on Prime Video:

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