Eli Lebowicz

Father Material

Feb 16 2023 • 56 mins

Eli Lebowicz is a stand up comedian and most importantly a loving father of two. After balancing fatherhood, comedy and a full-time day job, Eli has announced he's diving full time into comedy (and still being a Dad).

Episode Breakdown:
1:47 - Going Into Stand Up Full Time
2:44 - Balancing Parenting With Stand Up
6:15 - On Keeping Kosher
9:42 - How Being A Dad Influences His Comedy
15:20 - Balancing Parenthood With Finding Time To Be Creative
20:25 - Different Jewish Experiences
23:45 - Family Planning
31:35 - Funny Things His Kids Say To Him
34:33- Would You Rather? [Rapid Father Questions]
40:25- What Ages Are The Easiest/Toughest With Toddlers
46:50 - What Gives Him The Most Pride in Being a Dad

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