Jonathan Shapiro

Father Material

Mar 8 2022 • 34 mins

Jonathan Shapiro is a creative and entrepreneur who has worked in the music industry as a producer/rapper, the fashion industry as the founder of the boutique clothing chain Mixology, and now in the CBD industry as the founder and CEO of Mindset Wellness. Most importantly, he's a loving father of 3 kids. Jonathan talks a lot about his feelings of pride towards his kids and their childhood vs his own troubled childhood, as well as the chronic anxiety he’s suffered throughout his life which has led him to his latest creative venture.

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Episode Breakdown:

2:32-  What It's Like Having Kids In College When He Never Went
5:47 - Getting His Start In The Music Business
8:15 - Changing Industries After His Wife Was Pregnant
9:35 - Getting Into The Retail Space
11:34 - Launching Mixology after the Recession
15:55 - Dealing With Chronic Anxiety Throughout His Life
18:00 - How Anxiety Relates To Parenting
19:20 - On First Trying CBD
23:15 -Launching Mindset Wellness During The Pandemic
26:35-  How Their Kids View Their Parents in the CBD Business
28:30 - Talk To Me vs Talk To Your Father
29:48 - Rapid Father Questions

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