The Hormonal & Surgical Approaches to Aging - Pt 2 (Ep 26)

The Trillium Show with Dr. Jason Hall

Nov 10 2022 • 53 mins


  • Why do women seek out internal vaginal rejuvenation and how does laser treatment help? (00:53)
  • How tummy tucks can help treat stress urinary incontinence (03:28)
  • How injections can help improve blood flow and nerve regeneration for sexual health in both men and women (07:05)
  • The differences between traditional medicine and regenerative medicine (12:18)
  • How IV therapy works, particularly in post-op patients (15:37)
  • The role of peptide treatment in regenerative medicine (22:42)
  • The role testosterone plays in hair loss and common treatment options (30:15)
  • The use of peptide treatment for pain relief and injury healing (35:29)
  • The biggest takeaways for combining plastic surgery with hormone treatment including recovery & downtime (41:04)


Dr. Jason Hall, MD

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