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Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand is an anthology of comedic radio plays and books-on-tape from various comedy writers. Each work is presented in chapters and as a whole, with limited commercial interruption. Email us at DrRaymondPants@gmail.com  Created by Ean Smith read less

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Murder on the Eastern Asia, Specifically Japan, -Bound Express (Complete Story)
Dec 23 2021
Murder on the Eastern Asia, Specifically Japan, -Bound Express (Complete Story)
After a murder appears to have been committed during a power outage on a luxury passenger submarine during World War II, Inspector Poiror begins his investigation to find the culprit, or culprits, before they arrive in Eastern Asia, specifically Japan.   Once evidence is gathered, and bodies start to pile up, Poiror lays out an elaborate sequence of events tying all the pieces together to single out who exactly he believes to be responsible for the deaths during the voyage and the motives behind them.  Written by Ean Smith (@marcusdayhooray).    Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_): Narrator, Captain Starboard Fee Basanavicius (@fbasanavicius): Carol von Berg Alex Cambell (@likethesoup92): Richard Texas Travis Marsala (@travismarsala): Inspector Poiror Susan Day: Lucille von Berg Ashley Whitehurst (@ashleymdub): Joyce Jeremy DeAntonio (@jeremydeantonio5): Dark Haired Man, Todd   Ep. Sponsor: Intersteller Church of Science - Ashley Whitehurst: Mom - Alex Campbell: Kid 1 - Jeremy DeAntonio: Tyler, Neighbor - Susan Day: Kid 2 - Fee Basanavicius: Announcer 1 - Travis Marsala: Announcer 2 - Dylan Carey: Doug Ep. Sponsor: Lyric Lads - Jeremy DeAntonio: Server - Fee Basanavicius: Customer - Ashley Whitehurst: Announcer - Travis Marsala: Lawyer - Alex Campbell: Lyric Lad Ep. Sponsor: Professor Potato Body - Jeremy DeAntonio: Bill - Dylan Carey: David - Fee Basanavicius: Announcer - Ashley Whitehurst: Professor Potato Body  Theme song: Secret Garden by Eugenio Mininni