Hot Mamas Episode Six: Talking with LaTisha Harris

Hot Mamas

Sep 8 2021 • 58 mins

I am not sure there is anything more terrifying than watching your child struggle to breathe and mom of three LaTisha Harris knows that fear all too well. It's her intense, motherly desire to clean our air for our children, to save lives, and create opportunities for her community that fuels her leadership for climate justice as an organizer for Mothers Out Front in Fresno, California.

LaTisha talks about her love for her three children, two of which have struggled with asthma, and what it is like to grow up in the most pollution-burdened neighborhood in her city.  She shares valuable insights and experience from her many years as an organizer, and how she is able to build connections with each individual to motivate action for sustainable neighborhoods - by focusing on what matters to them.

You'll get to find out what Mothers Out Front is all about, what they are fighting for across the country, and how they are building an organization grounded in equity and justice. LaTisha is also real about her fears. Fires, drought, extreme heat. But she won't give up the fight. Listen to hear why and how you can join her.

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