Hot Mamas Episode 8: Talking with Shannon Brescher Shea

Hot Mamas

Nov 3 2021 • 54 mins

In this episode of Hot Mamas, I talk to Shannon Brescher Shea, working mom, environmental activist, and author of Growing Sustainable Together,an incredibly well-researched guide to raising environmentally-conscious kids in ways that foster compassion, resilience, and radical kindness for the Earth and all beings. Shannon shares her own struggles as a mom, trying to navigate both "mom guilt" and "green guilt," and how her own personal journey led her to researching and then writing this book.

We discuss hot button issues like individual action vs. systemic change, wealth and privilege, and managing climate anxiety. Shannon makes the case for expanding the concept of sustainability to include social and personal sustainability and explains how not to give into the corporate bunk that tells us its all our fault or that we can buy our way out of the mess.

You won't want to miss her insights into how living our values can help us live healthier, more meaningful family lives.

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