Hot Mamas Episode 2: Talking with Surili Patel and Seema Wadhwa

Hot Mamas

Jun 1 2021 • 58 mins

On episode two of Hot Mamas, I talk with Surili Patel and Seema Wadhwa, two longtime climate and health leaders and co-founders of Aawaz 4 Climate, an inclusive community of professionals dedicated to the climate and health. We chat heading back to daycare, why two kids is exponentially more challenging than one, the ever-present mom guilt, and the lack of sleep that every parent knows all too well!  You'll hear why, even as busy moms, they wanted to start a new network to bring more diversity to the climate movement, and why they believe kitchen conversations can drive climate and health solutions.

Surili and Seema also share how they are navigating the very real challenges of raising environmentally conscious kids in a consumer society and cultivating love of self in children of color in a white-dominated world.  You'll hear what they've learned through these challenges about grace and forgiveness, developing resilience, and the strength they draw from their female friendships. You also won't want to miss the excellent kid book recommendations!

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