Mental Health + Homesteading (Pt. 2) with Erica Leniczek

A Little Self Reliant

May 23 2022 • 28 mins

This episode is an Interview with Erica Leniczek, all about mental health, not only on the homestead but also in all walks of life.  Erica is so knowledgable about the many facets and struggles related to mental health, and she totally gets that "just taking a day off for self care" isn't always an option.

Erica is a first-generation rancher on her spouse's 5th-generation commercial black Angus cattle operation.  She is an advocate for mental health in agriculture, a public speaker, a proactive mental health specialist, and podcast host who is passionate about educating and bridging the gap between mental health and agriculture.  She brings producers “in your pocket” mental health tips, resources, and information to help reduce burnout and the mental health crisis in agriculture the best she can.

You can follow Erica at @thebranderica on all major social media platforms, check out her podcast "The Rural Mindset Podcast", or visit for more information.

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