Banking on Digital Growth

James Robert Lay

If you’re part of a financial brand marketing, sales, or leadership team, you know the entire industry is in the midst of exponential change fueled by new technologies. Consumers now make purchase decisions long before they walk into a physical branch location, if they walk into a branch at all, while mobile banks, digital lenders, and fintechs have transformed traditional growth models rooted in legacy broadcast marketing and branch sales strategies.Get ready to gain practical insights, proven ideas, and empowering inspiration as financial brand marketing and sales leaders, along with the leading digital marketing and sales technology firms, share their stories to help you maximize your digital growth potential here on Banking on Digital Growth.

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0) Why You Should Listen to Banking on Digital Growth (& Not My College Punk Band)
Feb 12 2020
0) Why You Should Listen to Banking on Digital Growth (& Not My College Punk Band)
The financial industry is rapidly changing and the traditional growth models no longer work.   Consumers make purchasing decisions before ever walking into a physical branch — if they even do at all.   The competition is changing, too. Mobile banking and digital lending have already taken over.  That can leave some financial marketers and sales teams scratching their heads in confusion and frustration.  That’s why I started the #BankingOnDigitalGrowth podcast: To help simplify their lives.   I’m James Robert Lay, CEO of Digital Growth Institute, and I’m on a mission to elevate the entire industry into a successful pathway for digital growth.   In this episode, I discuss what’s in store for listeners in upcoming episodes, including:   Insights and proven ideas (that actually work) to promote digital growth My personal journey and tips from my upcoming book, Banking on Digital Growth Interviews with leading fintech, martech and sales tech leaders that glean lessons from their digital growth journeys   As a bonus, you’ll also find out how my college punk band kick-started my personal journey in digital growth (and, yes, my marriage).   To find out why and be the first to hear upcoming episodes, subscribe to Banking on Digital Growth wherever you get your podcasts. For questions or topics you’d like to see covered, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or email me at