The Decapod crew (Emma Morgan and Terry Cook) talk decades, not crustaceans. Each year is covered individually with a deeper look at subcategories and their favorite TV shows, films and music. Bringing their unique brand of incoherent babble, with the occasional knowledge bomb and even some notable deaths. There are even times when they get the actual dates correct. Reminiscing over the good and the bad throughout the decades, this Decapod provides a largely lighthearted and amusing reflection on yesteryear.
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Welcome to Decapod!
Aug 20 2021
3 mins
Robbie Williams in the 1990's1990's - The one with the Bottom specialThe one with all the arguing!1999 - The one with all the conspiracies!Halloween spooktacular! What are the 10 best horror films of all time?1998 - The one with B*Witched1997 - The one where Emma does all the singing.90's Wrestling special with actual wrestling expert Rob Halden!1996 - Spice up your life with TFI Friday!1995 - The arrival of Brit pop! (And Scatman John.)1994 - Watch us wreck the mike... Psyche!1993 - BOOM!1992 - TrekGate, Pipes and a loathing of Jools.1991 - Everybody loves a bit of bottom.1990 - Ice, pigs and sausage partiesWelcome to the show and the 90's - Strap in!Welcome to Decapod!