Meet My Brain - A Field Guide to Aspergers

The Autistic Woman

Meet My Brain - A Field Guide to Aspergers episodes explore the challenges and traits experienced by The Autistic Woman who was diagnosed as an older adult.
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Apr 14 2021
12 mins
Special InterestsBody LanguageSound EffectsWake Up: Stop the Noise!Bullies At WorkSuperpower: Thinking in PicturesSpeaking Literally: Idioms from the Horse's MouthDo You Ever Tell People Who You Are?Mind Chatter: 60 seconds in the ASD/ADHD brainEasy Boundaries in RelationshipsSmall TalkHigh Functioning Autism and Aspergers - A Brief IntroductionHandling MeltdownsWhat Aspergers Is and Why It Is MissedCommunication ComplexitiesSensory SensitivitiesGoing to the DoctorMaking Eye ContactTrailer