LDS Yuletide Classic Christmas Snows Christmas Winds Watch-a-long

Mormon Book Reviews Podcast

Feb 3 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

"Christmas Snows Christmas Winds” written by Donald Marshall and produced by Brigham Young University, is a little known Christmas movie from the late 70s that really tugs at your heart strings in an unexpected way and has an unforeseen impact on the viewer. It’s not your typical Christmas movie and in addition to nostalgia from a bygone era, it has an angst that many can relate to. Steve, Rebecca and special guest host Nick of “Pod of Thunder” sit down to watch the movie in its entirety and discuss all the elements that resonate with us. Once you’ve seen "Christmas Snows Christmas Winds,” you will never forget it! Watch along with us and share your thoughts in the comments. We also want to thank the BYU Copyright Department for giving us permission to use the film. Christmas Snows Christmas Winds © Copyright 1978 Brigham Young University. Used with permission. #christmasmovies #byu #latterdaysaints #mormonism #ldspodcast #podofthunder