Baptist Pastor Latter Day Saints & James Strang w/ Kyle Beshears

Mormon Book Reviews Podcast

Apr 18 2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

What do two Evangelicals from Northwest Indiana have in common with each other? Their profound interest in the Restoration and the churches of the Mormon Movement would be the answer! Pastor Kyle Beshears (PhD in Religious Studies) joins Steven Pynakker to discuss his interest in the history and theology of the Restoration. In particular Kyle's focus is on the history and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is best know for being founded by James Strang. I hope that you'll find this conversation interesting and perhaps a good introduction to this little known church of the Restoration. Please look out for a paper that Kyle wrote “In Love and Union: The Writings of Mr. Charles J. Douglass, Secret Plural Wife of a Mormon King". This paper is slated for publication the spring edition of JWHA's journal