Bed, Bath & Bust! Stock Hypers podcast Episode 55

Stock Hypers podcast

Oct 1 2021 • 46 mins

Bryan makes option bet on Bed Bath & Beyond (and loses! though he didn't know it yet) Danny buys more LUCID and more!

Hype or Hate   Danny: WBPY, CRWD, PINS


Stock Hypers are amateur investors talking about stocks, wall street, business and the markets from a completely uninformed, unprofessional, sometimes nonsensical perspective. Danny and Bryan both are not recommending or pressuring you to buy any stock. If you take their advice you may lose money, your reputation and all your friends. This is meant for pure entertainment and listening pleasure. (Even if all our stocks go skyrocketing in value and we become zillionaires it's best that you, the listener, keep your money in your pocket. We may sound like geniuses but we are just regular Joes) You are forewarned.