Floating Around Bentonville with Rob Mahler of Naz-T's FloaT Shop

The Bentonville Beacon

Aug 8 2022 • 39 mins

On this episode of The Bentonville Beacon, host James Bell was joined by Rob Mahler, founder and lead tech for Naz-T’s FloaT Shop, a local onewheel rental and repair shop that specializes in repairing and customizing PEV vehicles. James and Rob talked about the vision, challenges, and future of building Naz-T’s FloaT Shop, the development of NWA, and the growth of onewheels.

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Show Notes:

(1:11) Introducing Rob Mahler

(1:27) A Passion for Onewheels

(4:11) About Naz-T’s FloaT Shop

(7:18) The Growth of Onewheels

(9:22) About FloatLife Fest

(13:23) Challenges with Building Naz-T’s FloaT Shop

(15:55) Development in NWA over the Years

(22:08) Mountain Biking Capital of the World

(24:54) Future of Naz-T’s FloaT Shop

(34:59) Most Important Lesson Learned

(37:59) Closing Thoughts


James Bell

Naz-T's FloaT Shop

FloatLife Fest


“They say this is my stomping ground. I wanna show you around so you can connect with us at any time. If you come to town to rent one, they’ll link up with you and they’ll go ride with you. They just want to ride, so they’ll show you around town and the whole piece.” - Rob Mahler, (8:41)

“It started out of a need to do certain things, but then we needed to do certain things for others. So we get paid for a service then go buy some inventory that we might need. So the greatest challenge is keeping inventory on hand so that we can get it out to the customers fast.” - Rob Mahler, (13:28)

“...we’ve taken the time to really build toward quality of life and quality of place for the last 15 years, which really helped us out during the pandemic because we were positioned to take in all those people that wanted to leave places like San Francisco and said ‘I’m done and I’m not going back.’” - James Bell, (24:00)