Why Anatomy & Physiology Students Need Sectional Anatomy | TAPP 116

The A&P Professor

Jun 7 2022 • 1 hr 10 mins

Host Kevin Patton talks about why our anatomy & physiology students need to experience and get comfortable with sectional anatomy, Terry Thompson shares some thoughts on deadline terminology—and she gives us a thoughtful book review and recommendation for The A&P Professor Book Club—and we review a few slide tricks.

0:00:00 | Introduction

0:00:50 | Expiration Dates

0:05:02 | Sponsored by AAA

0:06:19 | Slide Tricks (Again)

0:25:15 | Sponsored by HAPI

0:26:28 | Book Club: I Contain Multitudes

0:33:13 | Sponsored by HAPS

0:34:19 | Sectional Anatomy

0:53:45 | Finding Media

0:55:19 | More Sectional Anatomy

1:07:12 | Staying Connected

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Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)

(Walt Whitman)

Expiration Dates

4 minutes

Terry Thompson shares her alternate terminology for assignment and test deadlines: expiration dates. She explains the thinking behind her choice and how that may help clarify the situation for students.

Should We Extend Deadlines? | Models & Color Codes | TAPP 112 (the espisode that started this discussion)

Skin's Microbiome & Other Stories | TAPP 114 (the deadline  discussion continues)

Are You a Warm Demander? | TAPP 115 (even more about deadlines)

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1 minute

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Slide Tricks (Again)

19 minutes

The spring-summer academic conferences are underway and Kevin is reminded of how we can make our teaching and presentation slides a lot more effective. And he shares a method for virtual conference participants to put slides into their digital notebook or other document.

★ Previous episodes covering slide techniques and tips

★ ★ Slides Serve the Story of Anatomy & Physiology | Episode 66

★ ★ Teaching Slides: Smooth and Simple Animations Dramatize the Story of A&P | TAPP 89

★ ★ More Slide Tricks | Effective Teaching Presentations | TAPP 95

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★ Some useful books

★ ★ Designing Science Presentations (book by Matt Carter with a lot of useful tips for slide design & content) geni.us/k2pLt8

★ ★ Presentation Zen (book by Garr Reynolds emphasizes simplicity of slide design) geni.us/ZL0QT

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Sponsored by HAPI Online Graduate Program

1 minute

The Master of Science in Human Anatomy & Physiology Instruction—the MS-HAPI—is a graduate program for A&P teachers, especially for those who already have a graduate/professional degree. A combination of science courses (enough to qualify you to teach at the college level) and courses in contemporary instructional practice, this program helps you be your best in both on-campus and remote teaching. Kevin Patton is a faculty member in this program at Northeast College of Health Sciences. Check it out!


Book Club: I Contain Multitudes

6.5 minutes

Terry Thompson shares her review of a new recommendation for The A&P Professor Book Club from the perspective A&P faculty. It's all about the human microbiome. I need to read this book!

I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life


★ Author: Ed Yong

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Book Club for Anatomy & Physiology Professors

Sponsored by HAPS

1 minute

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Anatomy & Physiology Society


Sectional Anatomy

19 minutes

Interleaving sectional anatomy reviews, applications, and activities throughout the A&P course helps nudge students to a higher level of cognition. At least Kevin thinks so. Here are some thoughts on helping students build their conceptual framework of human anatomy and make the kinds of connections we want them to make. Who knows, one of them may be reading our brain scan some day!

★ Many People Have a Vivid ‘Mind’s Eye,’ While Others Have None at All (New York Times article discusses that scientists are finding new ways to probe two not-so-rare conditions to better understand the links between vision, perception and memory) AandP.info/7fc

Finding Media

1.5 minutes

Okay, you want to supplement your A&P course with sectional anatomy examples and applications. Where do we find the media to do that? Here are some ideas.

Finding Media | Images and More for Teaching Anatomy & Physiology (a curated list of hyperlinked sources)

★ ★ Suggest additional sources! Suggest a Media Source for Teaching A&P

★ American Association for Anatomy's media sources AandP.info/hzt

Stress & Community | Acronyms | Media Tips | TAPP 77

Using Media in Our A&P Course: Advice From Barbara Waxer | Episode 28

More Sectional Anatomy

12 minutes

How about a few practical tips on how to implement a course-long program of interleaving sectional anatomy?

★ National Center for Case Study Teaching (NCCST) in Science (a curated case collection now housed at NSTA) AandP.info/jsz

★ Life Science Teaching Resource Community (LifeSciTRC has many case studies) AandP.info/lifescitrc-org-cd951e

★ HHMI BioInteractive (has case studies that involve sectional anatomy and other activities) AandP.info/foq

★ Using Medical Images to Teach Human Anatomy (excerpts from my 1996 presentation outlining an activity using Gel Mold People to explore sectional anatomy and medical scanning images)

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