Modern Wealth Management - Episode 5 (Do You Have What it Takes to Create Significant Wealth?)

Modern Wealth Management

Aug 30 2021 • 28 mins

Research shows that entrepreneurship can be one of the most effective ways to become wealthy. But, it takes a lot more than simply being a business owner to generate significant wealth. In the latest installment of Modern Wealth Management, Darrick and Ray highlight the four key drivers of business and financial success, as well as personal commitments required to become wealthy. Not only do Darrick and Ray work with an array of entrepreneurs in their wealth management business, but they themselves are entrepreneurs who built their company together. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation that is bound to leave you with some things to consider for your own wealth creation process. Timecodes: 0:04 - Overview on the topic of the day 1:45 - Entrepreneurship is the main generator for significant wealth today 3:25 - The best practices of wealth entrepreneurs 5:35 - You need to have a commitment to achieve success overall 8:02 - It takes more than simply a commitment to achieve success 9:37 - How the overall quality of your business model will drive wealth creation 13:01 - Establishing industry connections and powerful relationships plays a major role as well 15:06 - The process of building a "dream team" of employees and maintain a high-quality team 18:28 - The willingness to engage with the right professionals 24:24 - Working with a wealth manager, who is familiar with entrepreneurship, is also a best practice 27:26 - Closing remarks Connect with Darrick and Ray: (Website) (Facebook) (LinkedIn)