Ep 17 The Realist & The Dreamer ~ Chris Skidmore

Mothers at Midnight (formerly Therapeía)

Mar 15 2021 • 32 mins

This week, Chris Skidmore rejoins us for another epic episode. This time, we’re talking about the archetypes of Jupiter and Saturn.

On the 21st of December 2020, a rare alignment between Jupiter and Saturn took place. Known as a Great Conjunction, this alignment only happens once every 20 years but this one was even more special because it is the closest the two planets have been in almost 800 years. This is a big cosmic event that is set to shake things up on an individual and collective level.

Join us as Chris, a passionate astrologer, psychotherapist and craniosacral therapist takes us on a journey to learn more about how these archetypes influence our lives.

We chat about...

  • What Jupiter and Saturn would be like as guests at a dinner party (2:50)
  • The mythology of Jupiter and Saturn, two prominent figures in the Greek creation myths (8:18)
  • The tension between the energy of Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (limits), the gifts and difficulties of each and how we can learn to balance the two (13:50)
  • How these archetypal forces play out on a collective level (25:30)

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