#153 Tonya Gets Her Groove Back!

Non-Rev Lounge

Dec 5 2023 • 48 mins

We sit down with Tonya, she’s an executive assistant for an airport ops VP. She has an amazing aviation story, and we are lucky to share it with you! So sit back, relax and buckle up. This is a good one!

  • Tyler saves the day and became Lara’s hero ❤️
  • Boise=Lara
  • Chicago=Mo: last football game for Zacky, Mo’s son!
  • PDX and LAX=Tyler and the boys
  • What’s an Executive Assistant?
  • Wings for Autism
  • Jetpull is coming back to PHX🙌
  • Beginning was America West Airlines!!
  • Flight Attendant
  • 9-11 changed everything 😔
  • Missed aviation and started flying at Southwest Airlines!
  • Covid changed everything 😔
  • Came back to aviation with reservations!
  • Flight Service
  • Non revs with her boyfriend all the time!
  • Aruba
  • Uses ID-90 (please sponsor us!)
  • Her bf lives in LAS so she non revs each week

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