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EMARKETER’s Behind the Numbers daily podcast helps marketers, retailers, and advertisers better understand the ever-changing world of digital media. Our analysts discuss a wide variety of thought-provoking topics, from AI’s impact on everything, to the shapeshifting universe of social media, to consumers’ shopping habits, and much more. Tune in to new episodes published Monday through Friday wherever you listen to podcasts. read less

Our Editor's Take

Technology is a complex topic. This podcast's goal is to simplify and analyze it. From Insider Intelligence comes Behind the Numbers: an eMarketer Podcast. This show is all about how technology impacts the modern world. From internet and digital marketing to e-commerce and more, this podcast examines it. What's the future of the company Meta? What tech devices can audiences expect to see in the next six months? Is the age of social media ending? This podcast's goal is to discuss all topics that arise in the changing world of technology.

Host Marcus Johnson is an eMarketer analyst. He created Behind the Numbers: an eMarketer Podcast in 2017. He said he noticed “there was a human connection missing between our analysts and our clients.” This program helps fill that connection. It also makes good listening for those interested in marketing and technology. Johnson is the top host for the podcast, but other analysts also host episodes. And vice presidents of major tech companies, principal analysts, and more also join the podcast. Guests include analysts Evelyn Mitchell, Jessica Lis, and Paul Verna.

Behind the Numbers: an EMarketer Podcast episodes drop during weekdays. Every daily episode runs about 20 minutes. The hosts put out a weekly episode, too. That one is usually 40 minutes to an hour. In the daily segments, the host discusses things like TikTok, connected TV, and the US healthcare system. The Weekly Listen episodes explore similar topics but with more depth. The host also has a recurring segment called Reimagining Retail. In these, digital trends and tech in retail are the main topics.

But this podcast doesn't only offer analyses. It also keeps listeners updated on the latest in technology news. Though the topics are often serious, the hosts provide some levity. Conversations between the hosts are thoughtful but casual. The Behind the Numbers: an eMarketer Podcast audience listens in on a fun chat. But the show never lacks in detail nor unique perspective.

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Reimagining Retail: The Unofficial Most Interesting Retailers List (June) | Jun 26, 2024
Jun 26 2024
Reimagining Retail: The Unofficial Most Interesting Retailers List (June) | Jun 26, 2024
On today's podcast episode, we discuss the unofficial list of the most interesting retailers for the month of June. Each month, our analysts Arielle Feger, Becky Schilling, and Sara Lebow (aka The Committee) put together a very unofficial list of the top eight retailers they're watching based on which are making the most interesting moves: Who's launching new initiatives? Which partnerships are moving the needle? Which standout marketing campaigns are being created? In this month's episode, Committee members Becky Schilling and Sara Lebow will defend their list against vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and director of Briefings Jeremy Goldman, who will dispute the power rankings by attempting to move retailers up, down, on, or off the list.   Follow us on Instagram at:   For sponsorship owpportunities contact us: For more information visit: Have questions or just want to say hi? Drop us a line at    For a transcript of this episode click here:   © 2024 EMARKETER   As Target’s retail media network, Roundel designs curated experiences to create a better connection between brands and Target guests. We offer both self- and managed-service solutions that help brands create moments that are relevant, trusted, and helpful. All backed by our first-party data and measurement that proves value. Find out more at