The People Priority

Julie Schniers

Julie is a speaker, consultant, and coach for businesses and school districts that want to increase their ability to make an impact. Helping organizations reach goals as a team, increase success, and create a culture that helps people thrive is her mission. From hospitals to fast food and small schools to large corporations, there is no space she hasn’t inspired. The tie that binds them all is people. People are her passion.

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Clarifying Your Plan with Anika Jones
Nov 6 2023
Clarifying Your Plan with Anika Jones
Julie talks with emotional intelligence expert, Anika Jones. This conversation will push you to be more intentional in how you deal with people. Creating clarity rather than confusion with those you lead starts with you! In this episode we will dive into self-awareness, personal growth, and building systems that create a culture your people want to be a part of! Her impact in the classroom was as incredible as the impact she is now making in her company, Holistic Fluency, LLC.You can find Anika and get in touch by clicking the link below! Jones: Holistic Fluency, LLC is a minority and woman-owned consulting enterprise that is committed to advancing social intelligence through customized, evidence-based programs and services that promote emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and empathy in individuals, teams, and organizations. Anika argues that she was literally born for this as her Mom is a Director & Public School Social Worker and her Dad was an Electrical Engineer; so an empathetic yet analytical educator makes sense! Considering it a way to affect the world, SEI drives Anika’s passion for helping individuals, teams, and organizations cultivate their skills to drive personal growth, enhance team dynamics, and create inclusive work environments. Fueled by Anika's desire to make a lasting impact, Holistic Fluency aims to bring a fresh perspective and an evidence-based approach to advancing social intelligence through customized programs and services that would empower individuals, teams, and organizations to embrace emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and empathy as essential components of their growth and success. Anika wholeheartedly believes in the ripple effect where social intelligence is embraced as a foundation for excellence, collaboration, and positive change.