Truth Quest with Robert Furrow

Calvary Tucson

Join Pastor Robert Furrow of Calvary Tucson on a truth quest as he explores God‘s Word and its relevance in today‘s culture. Through Full Teachings, Hot Topics, and Live Q&A sessions, Robert seeks and leads others into an authentic discussion of what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus Weeps While He Makes A Prediction - TeachingWhy Their Hearts Burned Within Them - Live Q&AThey Talked to Him After He Died - TeachingWhy These Are Not Generational Curses - Live Q&APeter vs. Paul: The Face-Off at Antioch - TeachingThey Say Paul Doesn’t Teach the Real Bible - TeachingWas Paul Disrespectful to Other Apostles? - Live Q&AThe Bible and the Age of Accountability - Hot TopicHandling Out of Control Thoughts - Hot TopicOur Amazing Transformation From God - Hot TopicBiblical Keys to Finding Joy - Hot TopicPalm Sunday: What Changed the Crowd’s Mind? - Live Q&AWhat’s the Significance of Many Jewish People Returning to Israel? - Live Q&AWhat Changes When We Get Saved? - Teaching”If Christ Did Not Raise, We Are of All People the Most Pitiable”, 1 Corinthians 15:19 - Live Q&AI’m Trying to Forgive, but it’s So Hard, Any Suggestions? - Live Q&AThe Chain of Custody of the Gospel - TeachingThis is More Complicated Than You Think - TeachingDoes the Bible Condone Slavery? - Live Q&AA Different Jesus, a Different Gospel? - Teaching