The Power of the Breath

Buddhism Guide

Jan 8 2022 • 11 mins

During the pandemic, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had something that will improve our sleep, digestion, immune and respiratory functions, while reducing our blood pressure, fear, and anxiety? The good news is there is something and it is called ‘breathworks.’ By learning to direct your attention to your breath, you can condition yourself to shift out of the fight or flight mode and into the rest and digest mode. So, from stress and anxiety and into calm and relaxation. Try my free guided meditation course on compassion Books by Karma Yeshe Rabgye: Open Awareness, Open Mind - The Best Way to Catch a Snake - Life's Meandering Path - Ripples in the Stream - Budh Ka Mukti Marg - If you would like to support Yeshe Rabgye's work please visit Website - Facebook - Instagram – Twitter –