Team Sneak Wolf

When the evil King Spiderweb unleashes a magical floating city on the town of Creepsburg, it’s up to four pancake-loving, zombie-slaying, werewolf-punching misfits to save the day in this zany Comedy / Adventure audio drama!
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Series Teaser
Oct 3 2018
1 min
Series TeaserS1E1 - Dead Man's PartyS1E2 - 1-800-ZOMBIES1E3 - Escape From Sleepy Hollow Way!S1E4 - Baz R's Bizarre BazaarS1E5 - Night of the SnakeoidsS1E6 - Tales From the Crypt Kicker TrioS1E7 - Chased by Funkzilla!S1E8 - King Spiderweb's TV Castle of DOOM!S1E9 - Secrets of the Unseen Ruins!Holiday Special TrailerHoliday Special - Solitary Place of ResidenceSeason 2 Announcement TrailerS2E1 - FEROCITY ROADS2E2 - Losers of the LosertoriumS2E3 - Bury Me With My MummyS2E4 - Smacker 2: The RevengeS2E5 - The Ultimate Action HeroS2E6 - The Valley of Creatures that BiteS2E7 - Frost on Skull Mountain