The Jesslee Roadshow


Rising country-pop music sensation, Jesslee gives you a peek behind the curtain with a never seen before backstage pass as she travels with her jaw-dropping Band, Crew & Manager (Steve Virginia of Black Label Nash) throughout the roads of the USA and Worldwide. Join Jesslee as she shares a rare glimpse of the road with exclusive new releases before they drop with Host Chris Ross (Founder of WINJECT STUDIOS) and others as she experiences local culture at its finest! Whether it’s testing her tastebuds at an area’s favorite restaurant, taking on a thrilling adventure at a local attraction, or rocking out on stage during her tour, you will have a front-row behind-the-scenes VIP pass for it all.
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Welcome to The Jesslee Roadshow
22. Roan Mountain, TN – Part of Me, John Doe & More | S1:E22Updates & Recap w/ Steve Virginia | S1:21LIVE Update w/ Jesslee & Chris Ross | S1:E20It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane… NOPE, it’s Jesslee! | S1:E19I Want to See a Manager | S1:E18Labels, Streaming & Sharks OH MY! | S1:E17HerStory | S1:E16Supernatural Songwriting Paradise | S1:E15Live Free, Pie Hard | S1:E14Country Fest or Bust | S1:E13Tour Busses & Governors Clubs | S1:E12Updates & Recap w/ Steve Virginia | S1:E11Wine & Dine at Rare Steakhouse | S1:E10Singer to Songwriter  | S1:E9High Tides & Florida Vibes – KEY WEST | S1:E8Ready or Not, Jesslee is COMING | S1:E7Houston, We’ve Had a Blast | S1:E6Story Behind “Love Me Ugly” New Single | S1:E5Turn Down For…. Eddie’s Attic | S1:E4Brace Yourself Skooters Roadhouse | S1:E3