Mental Health and Christianity Responding with Empathy

Beyond the Rut with Jerry Dugan

Aug 1 2022 • 37 mins

Lathan Craft is a pastor and author discussing mental health and Christianity and how responding with empathy should look.

In This Episode

  • What was a leper of the Old Testament of the Bible
  • What is The Leper in the Church, Lathan Craft’s book about modern-day lepers
  • Talking about stigmas related to mental health
  • How we should go deeper with using scripture for wisdom rather than cough syrup
  • Being present without the sense we need to solve someone’s problem - pulling up a chair and not a Bible verse or idiom
  • How to pray for those enduring a tough season, pain, or loss
  • Getting rid of the stigma of modern medicine to treat mental health
  • Acting and responding with compassion for those who are struggling
  • Becoming aware of having a lack of compassion
  • Jesus demonstrated to us how to grieve for others
  • Meeting people right where they are
  • Why you should not “prophesy” over someone who is grieving
  • Communicating with non-Christians in an authentic, compassionate way
  • Sacrificing your schedule to meet those in need

Lathan Craft

Lathan W. Craft is an International Best-Selling Author and highly-respected speaker. He is the host of the nationally-recognized podcast ‘The Other Side of the Church’ which features regular guests such as Matthew West, Blanca, and Bob Goff - whom Lathan has also worked closely with.

Lathan has been featured on various podcasts and radio shows such as The Crappy Christian Podcast, Are You Real? Podcast, and Faith Positive Radio.

He is the founder of Made for Purpose, a coaching and consulting business helping people work on their design and description. He is the founder of A Heartbeat From Hope, a non-profit organization giving individualized hope to the most hopeless of places. He is also the founder of After-Words, helping writers write their stories before it’s too late.

Lathan has degrees and is highly esteemed in Psychology, Counseling, Leadership, and Ministry. He has been regarded as an expert in belonging, ostracization, and the power of words. Ultimately, Lathan has devoted his life to researching and articulating the importance of belonging, and how words truly can change the world.

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